More Skiing!

More fun in the pow with the GoPro. Finding lots of good stuff lower mountain here in Revelstoke.

Skiing photos!

So good to be skiing again, so here’s a few shots from my time up the hill in early 2013.

Skiing in Revelstoke – Jan 8, 2013

Testing out the new GoPro 3 Black and the slow motion capabilities.

The Roadtrip: 1 Year Later – Adventures and Changes

So it was one year ago today that I left on a fantastic roadtrip around Western North America with my good friend Garth. Garth and I had recently finished working for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games and were in serious need of a good vacation. We had spent a bunch of time in the previous month figuring out what to do and where to go. Garth would be joining me for the first two weeks and then I would be heading off for another 6 weeks after that.

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Manhattan Photos

I flew down to New York for the day this past Monday (March 7th, 2011) for the day for an all day meeting. The day started at 3am as I dragged myself out of bed, headed over to the bus stop and realized on the way there that the temperature was around -10 Celsius. It may not have fully woken me up, but it certainly made an impression. Cold! Caught the night bus that I found that goes straight from my house to the airport, so that was handy. Got off at the wrong terminal, but I had given myself enough time to make my way over to the correct terminal, make it though customs and board the plane for the short flight to LaGuardia airport. Arrived just after 8am and took the shuttle into Manhattan! Lucky for me it was a gloriously sunny day and everything looked great. I met up with my bosses at the Waltdorf=Astoria hotel for some not-inexpensive breakfast and found out that I would be staying the night! This was good and bad news, as I had not packed a change of clothes, but I did have enough sense to pack a toothbrush and a change of underwear.

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Usage Based Billing (UBB) and why you should care

Ok, there’s a lot of hubbub around this “Usage┬áBased Billing” thing that’s just starting to come into effect up here in Canada. I’m going to explain what it is and why it is a big deal for some of us.

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Ok, so this blog post is a little late.

Ok, so this blog post is a *lot* late.

I’ve now been in Toronto for a whole month (wow typing that really made me think about it, and that’s gone really fast) and I’m starting to get into the groove of things. But first, we need to go back.

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Days 5 and 6 – The Big Drive

Got up early on day 5 and packed up from the hotel, grabbing a quick breakfast and coffee from the hotel “breakfast” room. Hit the road while it was still dark and got ready for a day of driving across the prairies. Now I never thought that people lied when they said the prairies are flat, and they hadn’t. They are very flat! The roads were not as straight as I thought though, from the stories it sounded like they’d go for hundreds of kilometers without a bend, and while they would go for kilometers before a bend it wasn’t too bad. I actually enjoyed the driving as it was relaxing and not stressful like driving a truck and trailer though a mountain pass. It was very amusing to me that there were signs warning you of even the slightest bend in the road.

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Revelstoke to Medicine Hat – Day 4

Ok! Day 4 started off early, I woke up at 6am as the owner of the futon I was staying on was heading off to work, I didn’t have to get up as there were other people there (Hi Lauz!) but it had recently started snowing and I figured an early start was needed. After fueling the truck up at Shell, and myself up at Tim Hortons I headed off towards Rogers Pass. I had always heard a lot about Rogers Pass, how it was frequently closed, dangerous and scary. Turns out it’s pretty mellow when it’s not snowing, the hills were not difficult, the road was huge and it was beautiful the whole way though.

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Vancouver to Revelstoke – Days 1-3

Leaving Vancouver was tough, but it was made a little easier by the rain and general greyness of the area. I headed out over the Golden Ears Bridge and took the Hope – Princeton highway up to my Aunt and Uncle’s ranch. It was snowy and a little chilly, the coldest I saw was -5 degrees (Celsius), but the new snow tires on the truck were awesome and I didn’t slip or move around at all. It was a rather short drive up to Princeton, but a good introduction to towing a trailer – it’s a little wider than the truck so I have to be aware of that, as well as how frickin long the whole rig now is.

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